25 Milestones of Independence

Published to mark the 25th Anniversary of the Republic of Kazakhstan

DOWNLOAD FREE Lord Astor of Hever; Lord Maude of Horsham
Prime Minister's Trade Envoy to Kazakhstan; Former Paymaster-General and Minister for Trade and Investment of the United Kingdom
DOWNLOAD FREE Rupert Goodman
Chairman and Founder of FIRST and Chairman of the British-Kazakh Society
DOWNLOAD FREE Milestones 1 and 2
Constitution; National Symbols
The Institution of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan
DOWNLOAD FREE Milestones 4 and 5
Location; Language
DOWNLOAD FREE Milestones 6 and 7
Global Initiatives; Civil Society
DOWNLOAD FREE Milestones 8 and 9
Ethnic and Religious Harmony; Currency
DOWNLOAD FREE Milestones 10 and 11
Nuclear Free World; Science and New Technologies
DOWNLOAD FREE Milestone 12
Family Values
DOWNLOAD FREE Milestones 13 and 14
Sports Achievements; Health of the Nation
DOWNLOAD FREE Milestones 15 and 16
Education; Nurly Bolashak (Bright Future)
DOWNLOAD FREE Milestones 17 and 18
Culture and Spirituality; The Society of Universal Labour
DOWNLOAD FREE Milestones 19, 20, 21 and 22
The Nurly Zhol Programme, Industrialisation, The 'Green' Technologies of Expo-17 and Social Modernisation
DOWNLOAD FREE Milestone 23
DOWNLOAD FREE Milestone 24
Strong Kazakhstan - Strong Regions
DOWNLOAD FREE Milestone 25
The Eternal Values of 'Mangilik el' (Eternal Nation)